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Suzanne Lyttleton, is the principal and founder of Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers, a highly experienced local law firm working across a range of legal sectors. Suzanne has spent the majority of her career working within the Private Clients sphere. Prior to establishing Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers, Sue worked across a broad range of legal sectors including Commercial Litigation, Property, Wills and Estates and Family Law.

In 2013, Sue left the outer suburbs and brought her legal knowledge to the footsteps of the CBD. With the move came a change of direction and Sue narrowed her legal focus on servicing Private Clients in a new client based boutique practice. While the focus has narrowed the knowledge and experience remains the same.

Over the short journey, Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers has enjoyed organic growth that has seen the team grow from two to ten, including the addition of two lawyers. We anticipate further growth but our client based focus to be unchanged.

Working in the Private Clients sector presents many challenges that other legal services do not encounter. The loss of a loved one or a division in the family requires not only a strong legal background, but the ability to listen. The philosophy of Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers is to meet these challenges with compassion whilst delivering effective legal solutions.

The legal landscape is ever changing and the expectations clients have of their legal practitioners continue to evolve. Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers have embraced modern technologies that allow us to deliver legal solutions at a cost effective level whilst maintaining our commitment to excellence. We recognise that we work within a competitive market and welcome the challenges of delivering what others can’t.

Our team offer accessibility, sensitivity and expertise to our clients. We recognise that everyone has a different narrative and Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers strive to tailor our advice to the individual story.

Suzanne Lyttleton Lawyers

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