Domino’s Pizza – 34/12 Fitzroy Street

At Domino’s we are committed to providing healthier product choices for our customers. We have already introduced significant changes across our menu with more than half of our ingredients reduced in saturated fat and more than a third of our ingredients now having lower levels of sodium.

The biggest achievements in Australia include our Thin’n’Crispy which has seen a 66% saturated fat reduction while the saturated fat in our pepperoni has been reduced by more than 42%.

As well as reducing the saturated fat content in our ingredients we are also committed to lowering the sodium levels in our food. More than 54% of our pizza ingredients in Australia are now lower in sodium. In Australia, sodium levels in our ham have been reduced by more than 35% while sodium in our seasoned chicken has reduced by 34%. We believe in giving our customers’ choice!

The Good Choice Range offers nutritionally balanced, healthier options that taste great but are calorie-controlled.

Domino’s Pizza

1/12 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda , 3182
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