Catani Gardens

Catani Gardens is a beautiful park located at the beach end of Fitzroy Street where you can enjoy a walk along the palm tree lined paths, take in the air and relax. There’s a barbecue, a sail covered playground for the kids and weekend pony rides too.

Heritage listed Catani Gardens is named after its Italian born designer, Carlo Catani – a prominent landscape designer in the late 19th century. The original 1910 lava rock wall encloses the park on the west boundary, extending from the edge of the Gardens along the southwest boundary and past the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. It incorporates a number of openings into the Gardens and onto Pier Road for access to the beach.

Memorials and Monuments

Several memorials and statues commemorating civic, war time and historic events sit within Catani Gardens. The Sali Cleve drinking fountain was installed in 1911 in memory of Cleve who designed the gardens on the corner of Beaconsfield Parade and Fitzroy Street and which carry his name. The statue of Captain James Cook FRS, RN was installed in 1914 and is a replica of the one at his birthplace at Whitby in England. Also sculpted by Sir John Tweed, this local statue was donated by St Kilda philanthropist Andrew Stenhouse. The plaque on the pedestal bears the names of the crew of the HMS Endeavour.